Enjoy The American  Experience


WE AT FAT TONY’S,   strive to insure you the real  American Bar Experience, as y ou will be treated as the owner of the place because we believe that you deserve it!


Fat tony's offers“

This is how you start to get respect, by offering something that you have.”  Offers
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Fat tony's story

"Life is like a restaurant; you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price."

The owners who are originally from Chicago's west side have brought their much loved Stateside food to Amman!! 

Our signature sandwich is the “Italian Beef”, freshly made with 100% sirloin steak roast, thinly sliced and served between rustic Italian bread, topped with your choice of sweet or hot peppers. What makes it so finger-licking good is the secret sauce which is added to it just before serving. Traditionally in Chicago, the sandwich would be completely dipped into the sauce making the bread soggy and an unforgettable experience, But we gave you many different options and ways to eat it so it can be the new unforgettable American-Jordanian eating experience.
You will also find a wide variety of other famous American dishes; Steaks, Burgers, Chicago Style hot dogs, Tex-Mex style burritos, and much more. We can assure that all of our recipes are sourced with the finest ingredients and home-cooked taste you can trust! 

So we hope to see you all at  FAT TONY’S